We in the Movies and TV Series

The LGBT theme has progressively been incorporated by cinema and television in such a way that we went from an era in which this theme was per se for the whole plot of a story, to a new phase where the diversity of sexual orientation of the characters Is present in a manner as normal as the diversity of languages, skin color or hair color. More and more are the series and films that count in their cast with homosexual characters, being or not, important for the course of history.

The presence of homosexual characters in all sorts of series and films, from children’s films and animation, to drama and comedy, allow the identification (ours, our children and society in general) with the characters. Stories of homosexual princesses and princes, heroines and lesbian villains are needed so we can assume that there is true equality and that different sexual orientations are known and respected by all, especially children, as they are part of our daily lives.

We present a gallery of lesbian films. Good movies!