We have twins

When we decided to chose a process of assisted reproduction through IVF (in vitro fertilisation), it is common to make the implantation of two embryos. In this context the probability of (heterozygotic) twins increases. So, suddenly, the decision to have a child can mean dealing with two babies at the same time.

In the context of an IVF you will surely have the opportunity to talk to your doctor and clarify most of your doubts. An issue that often arises is the number of embryos that will be implanted.

On the one hand, implanting more than one embryo increases the likelihood of pregnancy, on the other hand implanting two or more embryos increases the likelihood of twins(?) pregnancy. Nowadays (and contrary to what happened until a few years ago) it is not common to propose the implantation of more than two embryos. And sometimes you even have a maximum of three allowed to avoid complications in pregnancy, Thus, the question that most often arises is between the decision to implant one or two embryos.

8 weeks plus 5 days pregnancy (dichorionic twins) echography image

If you do not ask questions specific to the medical forum, you should consider the decision and be part of it. What is, for you (and your partner) fundamental? Increase the likelihood of a pregnancy or reduce the likelihood of twins?

Having twins poses identical challenges to the challenges of having a single baby but puts others as very specific.

The pregnancy of twins is, from the outset, a pregnancy with greater risks for both the pregnant and the babies.