About Us

This blog was created thinking about all lesbian women who want to have or already have children.

Taking a lesbian relationship entails, in most situations, dealing with various family and social barriers. Fortunately, in most countries of Europe, Oceania and some American countries these barriers have been lessening not only due to social transformations in the sense of acceptance of different sexual orientations but also, and at the same time, due to legal changes that made possible same-sex marriage, adoption and use of techniques of assisted reproduction.
In this context, lesbian couples make the decision to have children. However, it seems to us that if the decision to have children is in itself a complex decision that deserves reflection, the same decision is even more complex for a lesbian couple.
In this blog we try to bring some information about the legal framework of the adoption and the medically assisted reproduction for lesbian couples around the world, but also, to bring our experience and opinion regarding the day-to-day of lesbian couples with children.

For many, motherhood will bring an end to a routine planned among adults, with programs and amusements for two, and the beginning of toys scattered around the room, trips to the playground, offices exchanged for baby rooms, crying, tantrums but also laughter and the most beautiful smiles. Your life will change soon with the decision to have children and will change even more with the ttheir arrival into your family.