Adoption & Co-adoption

The possibility of same-sex couples adopting a child is increasingly a reality. The law already foresees this possibility in more than thirty countries, mainly in Europe, America and Oceania.

Although the existence of a legal framework that contemplates these situations is fundamental the theme does not end there. There are countries where, although law determines that same-sex couples can adopt children, there are other barriers that prevent this from happening. On the one hand, adoption services often have some reluctance in law enforcement, making the way more difficult. On the other hand, there are countries such as Sweden, where most adopted children come from other countries, namely Asian countries. In this situation, it is the law of the countries of origin of the children that prevents them from being adopted by couples of the same sex.

The way is open and the only way is to follow it and move on, opening up more and more space for a true equality of rights and opportunities.


According to data available, in March 2018, joint adoption by same-sex couples is possible in the following countries:

Africa: South Africa (2002).

Asia: Israel (2008).

America: Argentina (2010), Brazil (2010), Canada (1st jurisdiction in 1996- 2010), Colombia (2015), French Guiana (2013), Greenland (2016), Guadalupe (2013), Martinique (2013), Mexico (some jurisdictions) (2010-2016), Puerto Rico (2015), United States (1st jurisdiction 1993-2015),United States Virgin Islands (2015), Uruguay (2009).

Europe: Andorra (2014), Austria (2013-2016), Belgium (2006), Denmark (2010), France (2013), Faroe Island (2016), Finland (2017), Germany (2017), Gibraltar (2014), Isle of Man (2011), Jersey (2012), Luxembourg (2014), Malta (2014), Norway (2009), Portugal (2016), Spain (2005), Sweden (2003),The Netherlands (2001), United Kingdom (England and Wales (2005), Scotland (2009), Northern Ireland (2013)).

Oceania: Australia (1st jurisdiction 2002-2017), New Zealand (2013).


Adoption by same-sex couples

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