Adopt in Sweden

In Sweden, since 2003, same-sex couples can adopt.
Since most of the children adopted in Sweden are from other countries, the law of these countries regarding adoption by same-sex couples has conditioned this possibility.
Since 2005 lesbian couples can access assisted reproduction techniques, both of which are mothers recognized in the birth certificate.

(Swedish adoption law, read more)

“Adoption Requirements: Any man or woman can adopt a child who is

  1. 25 years of age or more
  2. The child’s biological parents (or legal guardian) must have given their consent to the adoption.
  3. No consideration has been given or promised for the adoption.
  4. Has to seek the prior permission of the court for adoption.
  5. Spouses may not adopt a child unless they adopt jointly.
  6. For adopting a child separately only incase the other spouse
    1. is living in an unknown place or
    2. is suffering from a serious mental disturbance

PROCEDURE FOR ADOPTION Families who want to adopt a child may follow the following procedures:

  1. The consent of the Local Child Welfare Authorities is must
  2. The local social welfare authority then carries out a careful investigation of conditions in the prospective adoptive family before giving consent taking in to consideration of the following factors of the adoptive parents
  3. Previous conditions as to their childhood and adolescence, education, occupations and relations to parents and brothes and sisters.
  4. Present living conditions
  5. Previous and present state of health
  6. Personality
  7. Religious affiliation and/or attitudes.
  8. Marriage and marital relationships:
  9. Motives for adoption.
  10. Knowledge and experience of children, ideals of upbringing
  11. Expectations and preparations as to parenthood
  12. References from at least two persons who know the applicants well.
  13. Assessment of the resources of the applicants as adoptive parents and their ability to take care of children of a certain age and with certain needs.”