Adopt in Finland

Adoption by same-sex couples in Finland is possible since March 2017. Likewise, stepparent adoption is possible.
For lesbian couples it is possible to use assisted reproduction techniques. In these cases, the mother who has not given birth should take an intrafamily adoption.

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A person who wishes to adopt a child must be at least 25 years old. Adoption is possible for both couples and single people. The purpose of adoption is to secure the best interests of the child.

People wishing to adopt are required to have adoption counselling, which is provided by municipalities and organisations, such as Save the Children. The aim of counselling is to find out whether the adoption can be carried out and to secure the safety and best interests of the child. The local court in the municipality where the future parent or parents live grants the adoption order.

Children can be adopted from both Finland and abroad. Adoptions from abroad are arranged by organisations and the City of Helsinki.

Adoption is possible for same-sex couples.”