Us in Children’s Books

Identification with real people and fictional characters is important throughout our lives. Children’s books, together with television and digital media, constitute a privileged platform for the development of social models and personal identification. Thus, it seems fundamental to us that the LGBT theme in general way, and the diversity of family models in particular, is part of the universe and children’s imagination.

Infants books have been incorporating this theme in different ways. On the one hand, there are books in which the central theme of the story is the presence of one or several LGBT characters. On the other hand, we find books in which history unfolds around a particular theme and LGBT characters are naturally part of the action. This second type of book is, in our opinion, the one that will most easily shape opinions. My superhero has two mothers …We present a gallery of LGBT-themed books, categorised by us in different themes, in order to facilitate your choice.

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