Adotar na Islândia

A co-adoção por casais do mesmo sexo é legal na Islândia desde 2000. A partir de 2006, casais do mesmo sexo puderam adotar e ter acesso a técnicas de reprodução assistida.

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” Changing the law on adoptions, no. 130/1999.

Article 16.

      The following changes in Article 2. Act:

The words “Couples or a man and woman who have cohabited for at least five years should both stand “in paragraph 1. comes: Couples, individuals in registered partnerships or individuals who have cohabited for at least five years should stand together.

The words “A spouse or man or woman cohabit” in paragraphs 2 and 3. is: A spouse or person in a civil partnership or cohabiting.

The words “union between a man and a woman” in paragraph 5. is: coexistence of two individuals.

ADOPTION ACT No. 130/1999
with amendments

Chapter I

Adoptions and legal requirements in respect thereof

Article 1

Permission for adoption.

District Commissioners grant permission for adoptions. The Minister may decide that one single District Commissioner will grant permissions according to Chapters II to VI of this Act.

Article 2

Who can adopt.

A married couple or individuals who have been cohabiting for a period of at least five years shall jointly take part in the adoption process, as only these persons may jointly adopt children, subject to any exemptions provided in this Article.

One of the spouses, or one of the individuals in a cohabitation, may, however, with the consent of the other, be granted permission to adopt the child or the adopted child of the other.

One of the spouses, or an individual who is in a cohabitation, may, furthermore, be granted permission for adoption if the other one has disappeared or is in such a mental state as not to understand the meaning of adoption.

A single person may be granted permission for adoption under special circumstances and if the adoption is clearly beneficial for the child.

For the purposes of this Act, cohabitation means a cohabitation of two persons which is registered in the population register or which may be ascertained by other unequivocal evidence.

Article 3

Who can be adopted.

This Act applies to the adoption of children under the age of 18. It also applies to the adoption of older persons unless otherwise stipulated and as applicable. The term child in this Act means a child up to the age of 18.

A person may not adopt his biological child unless the child has previously been adopted and the adoption by the biological parent is considered to improve the circumstances of the child.

Article 4

General conditions for adoption.

A permission for adoption may only be granted if it is deemed evident, following upon an investigation by the relevant Child Protection Committee, into the affairs of the prospective adopted child and those desiring to adopt, that this is in the best interest for the child. Furthermore, it shall be the intention of the adopting parties to take care of and bring up the child or the person who is to be adopted has been brought up with them or there are other special reasons for adoption.

Article 5

The age of the applicant.

A permission for adoption will only be granted to a person who has reached the age of 25 years. However, should special circumstances apply, a person who has reached the age of 20 may be granted permission for adoption.”