Adotar na Dinamarca

Na Dinamarca, é possível co-adotar desde 1999. Desde 2010, a adoção total por casais do mesmo sexo tornou-se possível.
Em 2006, a lei que regula a inseminação artificial foi modificada para permitir o uso de técnicas de reprodução assistida para casais de lésbicas. Nestas situações, ambas as mães são reconhecidas na certidão de nascimento da criança. (Leia mais)

Adoption of a Danish or foreign child unrelated to the applicant(s)

Applicants who wish to be approved as adoptive parents must meet certain general requirements. In order to ensure and promote the welfare of the adoptive child, everyone who applies for adoption will be vetted by the State Administration before the Joint Council of Adoption (Adoptionssamrådet) determines whether or not an the applicants can be approved.

Applicants who wish to adopt must attend a pre-adoption counselling course at least once. Participation in the course costs DKK 2,500 (2016). 

Requirements for adoptive parents

The general requirements are:

  • the age difference between child and applicant must not exceed 42 years
  • the adoptive parents should have lived together for a minimum of 2½ years
  • the adoptive parents’ physical and mental health must not be such that it could have a negative effect on the child’s circumstances
  • the adoptive parents must be able to offer adequate housing
  • the adoptive parents’ financial situation must be stable
  • the adoptive parents must not have been convicted of any offences that may raise doubts as to whether they are suitable adopters

Further specific requirements may be applicable to different types of adoption.”