Children’s books with LGBTQ characters

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In an extensive online survey on children’s books, for children up to 11 years old, with LGBTQ characters we have identified about 400 books (available in our Children’s Book Gallery).
The country with the largest number of publications is the United States, with more than 160 titles, followed by Spain and France.

With regard to the topics covered, we found 106 books about or with characters with two mothers and 73 with a character with two parents. Gender identity is the theme in 74 books and transgender / transsexual characters appear in 29 titles.
Fifty-three books address the diversity of families, including same-sex families and in 16 the characters have gay relatives.
In 21 books the personages are gay and in 14 they are lesbians.
Of particular note are books in which classic characters, such as princess and princesses, whose sexual orientation are gay and lesbian or whose characters are transgendered / transsexuals are discussed.
On the other hand, stand out the books whose histories focus on the most diverse subjects and where the fact that the characters have same-sex parents or being homosexuals is just a daily fact equal to all the others.
These stories are fundamental for the development of identification processes in children and adults.
We all like our heroes to be like us.