“We have no books to read our child that show our type of family”

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We still have very little children’s books on the reality of our families.
In an extensive research on several bookstores, blogs, and websites about children’s books and the LGBT theme, it was possible to select about four hundred children’s books where the LGBT theme is present.
In most books, the LGBT theme, be it the presence of same-sex parents, children with different gender identities or gay relatives, plays a central role in the unrolling of history.
Although we consider it important that this happens, it is equally important that there are children’s books on the most diverse themes and fantasies, where children with parents of the same sex or children with different gender identities are just one of the characters, equal to all others.
True equality comes from being treated, in fact, as equals. We need lesbian princesses, kings with different gender identities and superheroes, fairies or elves with two mothers or two parents.
In children’s books many times the stories are told through the personification of animals, also in this universe, we have to have families with different configurations.
One of the most iconic books, and if I may be better achieved, in the universe of children’s books with the main character with two mothers, is Heather Has Two Mommies is a children’s book written by Leslie Newman with Diana Souza and Dana Kingsbury’s illustrations, first published In 1989. Google Books describes it as “the first lesbian-themed children’s book ever published”.
According to the author’s own words, Lesléa Newman related:

“The idea for Heather came about one day when I was walking down Main Street in Northampton, Mass., A town known for its liberalism, tolerance of difference, and large lesbian population. On this particular day I ran into a woman who, along with her female partner, had recently welcomed a child into their home. “We have no books to read our daughter that show our type of family,” the woman said. “Somebody should write one.”

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