Two moms on children’s TV series

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We are living the beginning of the era in which LGBT characters, namely lesbian mothers, are part of the children’s television series. This change is crucial, because only the vulgarization of the theme, making it appear in different universes of daily life and children’s imagination, will lead to a cultural and social change of the new generations.
For us and for our children, it represents the possibility of an identification with other “families like ours”.

The Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie presented in February 2014 an episode in which one of the ‘Taylor’ characters has two mothers. This was the first time the Disney Channel explicitly introduced a lesbian couple in one of its series.

In the Cartoon Network Clarence series also features a character with two mothers. Jeff, an 8 year old boy and Clarence’s best friend, the main character in the series, has two mothers. In this animated series, the voices of this lesbian couple are starring Lea Delaria (Orange is the New Black) and comedian Tig Notaro.

Cartoon Network also presents Steven Universe. This series tells the story of Steve a boy who protects the Universe. Among the various characters are Ruby and Sapphire, who are a lesbian couple.